Established in 2009, Andini Agro Loka is a modern, professionally-run integrated cattle fattening and breeding firm (feedlot) located in the village of Bandar Putih Tua, Central Lampung, on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Established across 162 hectares of fertile land with abundant source of clean water, our feedlot is capable of holding over 7,000 head of Australian cattle at any one time.

Our environmentally friendly and socially responsible operation, with strong commitment to animal welfare have enabled us to produce happy and healthy cattle whose meat are highly sought after by discerning consumers for its superior quality in a competitive market. Given its track record and reputation, Andini Agro Loka has managed to earn the trust of consumers and reputable financial institutions to support our rapid business growth.


Our Vision

To become a fully integrated cattle farming company which contributes to people’s welfare, environmental sustainability and the nation’s nutritional well-being and food security.

Our Mission

To produce happy, healthy and well-fed cattle for its superior meat quality through the provision of clean and well-managed farm and eco-friendly operation that create job opportunity and preserve the environment.